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12 October 2009 @ 01:54 pm
Update of Credits on 12th October 2009  
I been really bored at hand these few days so I shall update my resources once again. THANKS to those who created all these wonderful styles, brushes etc.

Styles for fonts by Zkram @ deviantart
My styles Archive by Mustafanesil @ deviantart
Juni Styles by Kjherstin @ deviantart
STYLES 02 by Lucianamorin @ deviantart
Star Styles by Jen-ni @ deviantart
PHOTOSHOP STYLES by Miss Karezmh @ deviantart
Photoshop styles by Miss Karezmh @ deviantart
DarkLight Styles and Gradients by Nanie-nyo @ deviantart
166 Graffiti Alphabet letter by Ardcor @ deviantart
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